Webex Integration with Vaadin

Hi guys,

We have this upcoming project that we will be integrating a Webex in an application for a certain organization. I’ve been exploring the posibilities of using Spring Boot + Vaadin since i’ve been using it recently for my 2 simple projects. But I have found very few topics about integrating Webex with Java. Im now looking at using node.js since there is an available package called webex-api-client but I have no experience in node.js as the project has a tight deadline.

Has anyone have implemented an integration of Webex in Vaadin? do I have to to push thru using Spring Boot + Vaadin or should I use other framework or technologies which is more approriate in implementing this project?

The video streaming from webex will be viewed by more or less a million viewers around the world. (concurrent)

I haven’t implemented any kind of integration unfortunately, but it still may be possible. There may be two possibilities:

It seems that https://github.com/cisco-ie/webex-api-client can be used also from browser side. If that is the case, then you can try to wrap the api client in a JavaScript Vaadin component.

However, it seems that Webex can also be accessed from server side; you can try to use this java library to do so: https://code.google.com/archive/p/webex-java-library/