WebComponent: problem in passing attributes

Hi all.
We have an application exposing some views as webcomponents.
Every webcomponent has an attribute, and we populate the attribute from an Angular app with some typescript/javascript.
The strange thing is that when we access the first view as webcomponent, we receive the attribute correctly set.
Then if we access another view (exposed as webcomponent by the same Vaadin application) its attribute is not set.
Every webcomponent is defined in the same way, for example:

public class EntiViewExporter extends WebComponentExporter<EntiView> {
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
    public EntiViewExporter() {
        addProperty("token", "").onChange(EntiView::doSomethingWithToken);

    protected void configureInstance(WebComponent<EntiView> webComponent, EntiView component) {}

In the Angular app we set the value for the attribute “token”, but we receive it in the Vaadin app only accessing the first view.
The second view we access has the token attribute not set.
Any ideas?