WebBrowser.getBrowserMajorVersion returns ie7 when using ie8


Not sure if something is wrong with my configuration because I’m new to vaadin but I’m facing an issue with browser version detection.

If I run my application in localhost windows weblogic 10.1 ie8 is detected correctly but when I deploy my application to linux remote server weblogic 10.1 then ie8 is detected as ie7?

Same seems to happen with vaadin sampler’s browser information demo.

Vaadin version that I’m trying is 6.3.2

I believe IE is running in IE7 compatibility mode in the latter case.

This might be related either to the configuration of your server (telling explicitly the browser to use the compatibility mode in the headers or in the content of the pages sent) or to something else on the page that makes IE8 “guess” it should use the compatibility mode. The rules based on which IE8 chooses the compatibility mode are quite complicated, you can search the web for more information.

Thanks for the hint. IE was running in compatibility mode.