Hi everybody,

I have a little problem because I’ve not idea how can create a new project with “web.xml” file with Vaadin 8 in Eclipse.
When I do click in New → Project → Vaading 8 project appear a wizzard and I cannt do like in other types of project where I can click in “generate web.xml” or similar. I need this file to do the mapper for my paths on my REST aplication.

I know that I can create manually this file but I’m sure that there will be a option.

Thanks a lot for the help.

P.D: Sorry for my English but is not my native lenguage.

You will need to create the web.xml file manually or via Eclipse tools. See here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11658104/where-is-web-xml-in-eclipse-dynamic-web-project

Hi Olli,

Thanks for the anwser but my real question was, Is there any way to create this file automatically with the options of Vaadin archetype? When I start a Vaadin project I cann’t.

Thanks again for the help

No, the archetypes don’t come with a web.xml these days.


Thanks again Olli,

Only one question more (by the moment XD), yesterday I was watching a spanish conference about Vaadin 10 in youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp00pvJMQGY) and I saw something that maybe interesting for my.
In the example Manolo and Alejandro used “@Route(”“)” in main class, it is possible use in all of methods and work with this like the anotation “@Path(”“)” for REST service?

Thanks a lot for all.

Should be possible, yes.