Web browser configured just for one Vaadin app


i’m really enjoying doing webapps in Vaadin,

and my client have problem with running the app in browser ( not real problem, but the workers keeps pressing browser buttons, links or whatever and so vaadin app keeps closing … ), so he asked me for solution, to make it even more like desktop app…

What I’m looking for is something like skeleton of some Javascript fast browser - Chrome or Firefox or whatever, without any buttons, link textfields or anything - just browsing window blocked for only one address - my Vaadin app. To make a desktop icon - make it as foolproof as it gets.

Do you have any experience with such a demand? What are my options?

Thanks in advance
Kamil Szabo

Under Chrome, there is a Tools menu in which you can create an application window (no back arrow, no address bar, no tabs, etc.). Only the standard window buttons.

In fact, all this does is create a shortcut on the desktop that launches chrome as follows:
“C:.…\chrome.exe” --app=“https://whatever.url.is

Thanks wery much, work flawlessly. I’l just have to try to automate this process, but i think i’l manage.

Thanks again.

Kamil Szabo