Warning: widgetset version 6.6.2 does not seem to match theme version 6_4_1

I am trying to make a vaadin portlet run in liferay
I have tried to upgrade liferay 6.0.6’s vaadin from 6.4.10 to 6.6.2

I have done the following

Now the vaadin console writes
Warning: widgetset version 6.6.2 does not seem to match theme version 6_4_10

There is certainly something not matching, but what is it? :V


maybe there is a better forum location for the question …?

If you use a newer Vaadin than the one that comes with Liferay, you need to replace the themes. Their location depends on the app server, with Tomcat they are in [tt]
[/tt]. You need to extract the VAADIN/themes folder from the demo war (vaadin-6.6.2.war) and put it there.

The next version of the Vaadin Control Panel for Liferay should also be able to do this automatically when upgrading Vaadin using it, but for now, you need to extract them by hand.

Thanks for your answers

I had actually done that.
I found out that the problem was that

  • I had added WAADIN - from waadin.war to myPortlet.war’s content
  • I had not cleaned up myPortlet.war after rebuilding

So after fixing these things it WORKS :#

So I will conclude that upgrading Liferay 6.0.6 from Waadin 6.4.10 to Waadin 6.6.2 is safe

I ended up doing these steps:

  • Install vaadin-controlpanel-for-liferay to Liferay
  • stop Liferay
  • replace waadin-6.6.2.war into ROOT’s WEB-INF/lib/waadin.war
  • unzip waadin-6.6.2.war#VAADIN to ROOT’s html/VAADIN
  • Do NOT copy anything from vaadin to web resources in myPortlet.war
  • clean up myPortlet.war’s deployment (delete it to remove all old resources)
  • Restart Liferay
  • Compile using vaadin-controlpanel
  • Deploy myPortlet again
  • Bingo !!!