Warning after project creation


I’m using the latest vaadin as an eclipse plugin.
After creating a new project I have the following warning messages which appear immediately :

Classpath entry org.apache.ivyde.eclipse.cpcontainer.IVYDE_CONTAINER/?project=DocumnetManager&ivyXmlPath=ivy.xml&confs=nodeploy&ivySettingsPath=%24%7Bworkspace_loc%3ADocumentManager%2Fivysettings.xml%7D&loadSettingsOnDemand=false&ivyUserDir=&propertyFiles= will not be exported or published. Runtime ClassNotFoundExceptions may result. Classpath Dependency Validator Message

Classpath entry org.apache.ivyde.eclipse.cpcontainer.IVYDE_CONTAINER/?project=DocumentManager&ivyXmlPath=ivy.xml&confs=widgetset-compile&ivySettingsPath=%24%7Bworkspace_loc%3ADocumentManager%2Fivysettings.xml%7D&loadSettingsOnDemand=false&ivyUserDir=&propertyFiles= will not be exported or published. Runtime ClassNotFoundExceptions may result. Classpath Dependency Validator Message

No grammar constraints (DTD or XML schema) detected for the document. ivysettings.xml /DocumentManager line 1 XML Problem

The project was just created why are there warnings ? I forgot to install something ?

i too have the same problem !!

but i foud this link “http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17689747/eclipse-and-ivyde-warning-classpath-dependency-validator-message
this may help us !

Yes following this link I was able to get rid of the Classpath warnings. But the no grammar constraints remains. The project was just created it could be clean.

The grammar constraint thing is just a xml exception which should not affect your project at all. You can just turn off the xml warnings in the eclipse settings i think under xml → xml Files → Validation. Then you can set the grammar thing to Ignore as it generally doesn’t cause any trouble.


Indeed the missing grammar is not impacting the project but as it is a new created project I wanted everything to be perfect. I could always ask the people developping ivy as I noted (if i’m not wrong) that vaadin was not in charge of this.

Should I do a particular action to close the discussion ? I didn’t find any “Resolved” button.

Thanks for your answer.

Yes the Grammar thing seems to be a “mistake” from the Ivy devs which in case of using vaadin doesn’t affect anything but might break with other type of projects (i think maybe jsp projects might have a problem with these kind of error though i’m not certain). Vaadin Devs can’t really directly do anything for that as they are dependent on the way ivy builds its xmls.
There is no real closing or resolving of discussions here (except maybe if you posted it as a question then you can maybe mark an answer) but generally you just write something to make it obvious that you solved your problem and maybe how you did it if that way isn’t described in another post of this discussion (for future reference) and then just let it stay here.
It will not bother someone if no one replies anymore and if someone else runs into this problem he can always look at this thread to find help.

Ok thanks for the info.