Vleaflet - googleMap tile


Is it possible to support googleMap tile using leaflet on vaadin 7 ?

Yes, would just need to add a plugin to support google maps tiles and a tiny wrapper around it.

Somebody else has also requested this earlier, feel free to add ticket to the project page.

Note, that due to restrictions in google maps license, the google maps layer is behind the scenes used through google maps js api, so there will be lots of obsolete JS on the host page and the usasability is not as smooth as with native leaflet layers. Because of this and google maps license policy, I’d suggest to check out other possibilities for background layer. Options are numerous, here are some examples:

  • OSM/own custom version of it.
  • MapBox layer (provides you super easy customization and affordable hosting for OSM data)
  • Here (aka Nokia aka Navtec) also has tile map rest api and quality is at least as good as with google maps
  • Esri


I need to show Google Maps tiles as well. I found some Leaflet plugin that seems to do this quite well:


Demo: http://matchingnotes.com/using-google-map-tiles-with-leaflet

I just created ticket #45 for this. If you can tell me how to add that tiny wrapper I’d be happy to have a try myself since I need it soon. (unless explaining is more work than actually doing it of course :slight_smile: )


Although I’m not that big fanatic of google maps, I worked on this a bit today. There is now a work in progress add-on for add-on in github that provides GoogleMaps base layers for V-Leaflet. I’d appreciate if somebody could test it in a more realistic environment than in my test case runner. Check instructions from
the github issue
. If it works, please comment here or in the github issue so I can either look at issues or publish the add-on to the Directory.