vite Rollup failed to resolve import

Hey everyone, hopefully someone can tell me what this means.

I created a design using Vaadin Designer, and whenever I try and run the application, I get this error and it dies. I am kind of baffled as to where to go. I am using 24.1.1

Error: [vite]: Rollup failed to resolve import “@vaadin/vaadin-ordered-layout/src/vaadin-vertical-layout.js” from "C:/Projects/customerPortal/frontend/test-view.ts

I’ve attached a screenshot of my test-view.ts


Well, okay, i figured it out. Designer was bringing in the wrong import when I added a vertical layout. The import that I used that made it work was : ‘import ‘@vaadin/vertical-layout/src/vaadin-vertical-layout.js’;’ Any idea why Designer used the wrong import?