VisualizationsForVaadin: Why connections to necessary?


I had an internet outage and my locally deployed vaadin application didn’t show any charts then. Seems that chart need to connect to Does anybody know the reason for this and is there a way to avoid?



The creator of the add-on could answer this more extensively, but in short:

The add-on uses Google Visualizations, and some (most?) of the visualizations require a connection to google servers. I.e google is drawing the chart.

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If this is a problem for you, you might try using Eastwood project and JFreeChartWrapper addon together. You should get pretty similar graphs, with same API and without visiting google to generate the charts. I haven’t tried it but I’d expect it works quite well.

eastwood project

jfreechart wrapper


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Well, I finally decided to give eastwood / JFreeChart a go. So, I downloaded JFreeChartWrapper, JFreeChart and Eastwood, but have no clue what to put where. Do I have to install Eastwood as a separate servlet and if yes, how to integrate in Vaadin? Some hints will be highly appreciated.

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Don’t use the servlet (or if you use, make VaadinVisualizations somehow use that servlet instead of Googles), but just grab the helper classes from Eastwood project and use them on the server side.