Visualizations for Vaadin, widget problems

After a year I wanted to use the Visualization for Vaadin in a new project, but I always get the same error in the frontend when I am trying to create a chart:

rg.vaadin.vaadinvisualizations.BarChart(NO CLIENT IMPLEMENTATION FOUND)

I laready tried it to use an older release instead ov vaadin 6.7.0 as well as I tried to use the older version of Visualizations for Vaadin (1.1.1 instead of 1.1.2) and I also tried different versions of the GWT-Visualization (starting with version 1.1.1 than tried with version 1.1.0 and finally with version 1.0.2). With the last version of Gwt-Visualization I got errors during the widgets comilation of vaadin.

With all other combinations the widget compilation was done without any error, but when I tried to use it I got that error.

Can somenoe give me a working combination of vaadin with Visualizations for Vaadin and GWT-Visualization, or does someone knows any other solution?


Ok this was my fault. I did not remember that I have to add the widget manually to the web.xml file of the project. I thought this is done by Eclipse.



what lines did you add to web.xml??


I think you need these lines:


put this node in your Application Servlet Node.