Visualization API and Vaadin

EDITED: I want to put Visualization widgets into Vaadin. See followup below.

Could clearify based on IRC discussions, that this is about Google Visualization API.

I run out of ideeas and i’m so close. The HTML gets generated properly but it doesn’t display for some reason. Can someone take a look at it? Import from war into Eclipse and only add the Vaadin-6.2.0.jar / GWT-servlet.jar that i removed for the download to be small. It displays if i run ForceLayout from debug. What i did is make a GWT Widget that loads the visualization. No other errors seems to occur except this suspicious thing while analyzing layout:
Removed variable from removed component: PID0
Removed variable from removed component: PID0

One problem could come from:

// Load the visualization api, passing the onLoadCallback to be called
		// when loading is done.
		VisualizationUtils.loadVisualizationApi(onLoadCallback, Table.PACKAGE);

		// Composite GWT widgets must call initWidget().

i suspect this starts a thread asynchronously and initWidget gets called before it returns, causing it not to load (you can laugh if i’m talking nonsense, but i have no ideea what’s going on at this point).

The picture showing that the HTML gets generated, but it doesn’t display the control for some reason. Force Layout from debug displays it. What do i have to do to make it work?
11152.war (414 KB)

I got a possible culprit (and i probably got a workable widget up in the attachment below - just add GWT-servlet and Vaadin-x.x.x.jar to WEB-INF\lib).

I had to do myComponent.attach() in the application, although i thought that was done automatically by the parent container as it said in the docs.
This method is rarely called directly. Instead the ComponentContainer.addComponent(Component) method is used to add components to container, which call this method implicitly.
[/quote]… which didn’t work for me on latest Vaadin.

Can anyone think up a better solution to this, alternative, or at least a better place for the attach? Next i will try the visualization component w/o making it a widget, seems logical that it would work.
11155.war (739 KB)

Solved all issues with