VisualDesigner-Tab disappears


I’m currently playing around with Vaadin and I’m very impressed of the visual designer. But I have one big problem that I didn’t find a solution for within the forums.

When I create a new Vaadin Composite in Eclipse I get a new class and Eclipse shows the tabs “Source” and “Design” at the bottom of my editor-window. I can use the designer, save the files etc. with no problems. But when I close the file and reopen it again, the tabs “Source” and “Design” are gone. I am not able to get them back - even restarting Eclipse doesn’t help.

Does anybody have the same problem? Is there another way to open the VisualDesigner?

I’m using Eclipse Helios on MacOS 10.6 with the latest version of the Vaadin-Plugin (


Are you sure that you have opened the application in Vaadin Visual Designer editor - not the standard Java Editor? Try to open the file with “open with…” context menu option. Eclipse should remember the selection in the future.

And yes - this is something that we should improve in the future. Created the ticket:

This did the trick - Thank you!

I didn’t notice that there’s a special editor for that.