Visual Editor for NetBeans


Do you have any planned dates for a Visual Editor for Netbeans?

Visual Editor roadmap is outlined here:
. In this roadmap Vaadin Team is implementing both a Vaadin-based Visual Editor component that can be run in any web browser as well as Eclipse integration for it.

Netbeans plug-in project
is lead and mainly done by
Geertjan Wielenga (Oracle)
. The schedule for integrating Visual Editor to Netbeans plugin is up to him, but depends on the Visual Editor component.

Geertjan, would you like to comment?


I use netbeans and would prefer not to have to use eclipse. I have vaadin working well for me with netbeans, so I am fine with that.

However, I would like to use the visual editor too. I am not too bothered if it is fully integrated with netbeans at this stage.

Is there a way I can run it in standalone mode, so I can use it regardless of IDE?

The editor itself works as a stand-alone application, but the code parsing and generation back-ends are using IDE specific APIs. There is also an example of a simple text based parser/generator, but if I recall correctly, it currently discards user modifications to the java file and recreates the file on every save action.

You would currently have to implement your own back-end (perhaps based on the text based version) for the editor to be useful.

Hello there!

Sorry for reopening this, but I’m on a search for this plugin, but for IntelliJ Idea.
So, I think standalone is my best option.

Does anyone have the github repo where I can download the sources of this plugin?
If I work it out, I’ll share it.

Hello Sir,

is there still a Visual Editor / Designer for Netbeans on the road or in development?
Would be much appreciate it, if this application is available under NetBeans IDE!
Thank you!