Visual Designer / GridLayout / BorderLayout

Hello everyone,

I tried to use the Visual Designer but the GridLayout is not supported by column/row span. So I can not use it (or is there a way to specify it?)?

Is there something like a BorderLayout being supported by vaadin directly?
It was always amazing how handy a simple BorderLayout is when dealing with a normal layout.

Is there a practical way to have a similar layout component?

Can someone give me the regular usage scenario, the designer is useful? I mean dealing with absolute design in a webpage is always a problem
I think or can I expect the user interface to be somewhat pixel-perfect?

Currently I do every layout-job by hand. Remembering other visual designer experiences. Usually one starts doing it the designer way look at the
generated code, copy and paste what is worth and redos everything within the code. Is this the practical way when doing things in Vaadin, too?


Martin (Kersten),