Visual Designer Eclipse Browser Error

Hi ,

I have been able to successfully install Vaadin 7 in my Eclipse Luna 4.4.1 (RHEL environment).
But when i create a new Vaadin Design , error comes up "Browser version is out of date "
I have tried with external browser settings also (Both Chrome and Mozilla) but still not able to design UI as components from Pallette does get dragged and dropped.
Vaadin Designer is not picking up the external browser settings. Sample Demo Page is successfully getting opened in Chrome/Mozilla as being defined in external browser path

Any possible solution for same?

Thanks in Advance

The designer uses your system browser by default.

Under any flavour of Linux you will most likely want to install webkitgtk.

Default Browser is Chrome Version 26.0.1410.63 but still error is coming.
I am attaching screenshot of error.

That error screenshot doesn’t say what browser you are using but the version 5.0 looks wrong.

You could try adding the following to your eclipse.ini to force eclipse using webkit and see if it helps:


After installing webkitgtk , the error has been removed but a loading icon is coming up for indefinite period of time.

Any other thing missing?

I am attaching screenshot for same.

Can you open the Error Log view and see if you get any errors there? (Window → Show View → Other → Error Log)

Yes Sure…

Attaching Error Log for same.

Any possible solution for the issue?

I have tried the same setup on Windows7 , it is working perfectly fine
Still not able to resolve for RHEL
Please provide any possible fix for same