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says that MTable is more preferable than MGrid because of it is more mature and stable. But I’ve used Vaadin Grid for 1.5 years and it is so good. The most feature I like is inline editor.
So, what are known issues regarding using MGrid? Is MGrid production-ready?

Hi Shabak and thank you for your recent MGrid contribution (I assume you are the sam Shabak :slight_smile: !

Grid is a bit different kind of beast than the old Table, and e.g. accesses data in bit different way. Thus, e.g. lazyLoading and other performance characteristics are not in par with MTable. Latest releases have improved MGrid a lot (automatic cache size handling with lazy loading and your awesome generated colunn support), but I’d still consider MTable more stable. Also MGrid don’t support some relevant (if you need those :slight_smile: features like drag and drop, but on the other hand Grid has some features that don’t exist in Table like the DetailsRow. Also if you wish to optimize memory usage, I’d go with MTable.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use MGrid production-ready, I trust it, but some APIs might be less stable than in MTable, which has been used in many more places. Currently we are in a situation that in some cases it is better to use (M)Table and in some (M)Grid, depending on use case.

I hope this clarified this non-clear situation :slight_smile:

And thanks again for the awesome generated column feature you contributed! Awesome work, I hope to see some more good stuff in the future.


Hello Matti! And thank you for the great feedback!

So at the moment MGrid works well in my (production) application, and paging feature works stable on big datasets (~10000 rows).

One thing I noticed is conlumns jitter at the initialization time. This is behaviour of original Vaadin Grid. Also I noticed that the Vaadin Table has different behaviour: first N rows freeze during initialization, and jitter doesn’t appear.

This is the only issue of Grid, we use it a lot and love it! So, MGrid’s paging feature allows us to use it in real-word application. Thanks for your great addon!

Best Regards