View cache


Im implementing new application with Spring + Vaadin.
In the previous one i have used xpoft’s SpringVaadinIntegration addon. This time i have noticed that official Spring Vaadin addon was released and i want to give it a try.

I started with this tutorial±+Views+and+Navigation+with+Vaadin+Spring

Everything was fine untill now, when i want to achive something like View Cache.
I would like to have my views initiated just once and served everytime when my navigator navigates to that view.

Previous addon provides DiscoveryNavigator which does all the magic. All i had to do was annotate my views with cached property @VaadinView(value = MyView.NAME, cached = true). Now i have no clue how can i do this.

A lot of my views have components filled with database data and will never be changed so it is pointless to select data from database over and over again, every time when i open the view.

Any help would be appreciated,