Video player

I have a vaadin application. User can upload and play their video on my web.

Two way to solve this problem.

1 . Upload video to my server (OK) but I don’t known how to play this video by flash player…

2 . Upload video to youtube server but i don’t knnow how to upload to youtube server from my application and get link to play this video.

Please help me, thanks so much (My english is very bad) .

  1. There are some flash-based players, such as
    JW Player
    . It may have some restrictions.

  2. I think Youtube has some API for uploading videos, but I don’t know about that. You can, of course, direct your user to the Youtube upload page and then get a link or embedding code to the video to embed it in your website.

thanks about your reply.

  1. Trying…

  2. I wan’t upload video from my page not Youtube upload page

i have the same problem

Anybody have a solution?