Vertical Button Groups?

Having recently discovered the super-handy button group feature:

CssLayout buttonGroup = new CssLayout(); buttonGroup.addStyleName("v-component-group"); I wonder if there is a vertically organized equivalent? There are places where a stack of buttons with well-behaved corners would work nicely.

Hi Steve, you can just change CssLayout to VerticalLayout, but some more CSS-tweaking may be neccessary to make it look exactly like you want it to ( see attachment )


Thanks Bernd. That worked and produced a good result (attachment). But because I’m a CSS bonehead, my solution includes separate CSS definitions for top, middle and bottom buttons and code to apply each to each button. In other words, it lacks that Koivuviita magic of the horizontal version. If Jouni ever gets bored, a vertical version of “v-component-group” would add symmetry to the concept.