Vertical alignment of text in textfield


I know that IE version 9 is outdated, but the customer wants it that way…

Does anyone have a single clue why the text in a Textfield looks like this in Internet Explorer 9:

When I highlight the text, it aligns okay. I use the Valo theme and created the textfield as follows:
final TextField givenName = new TextField(“Voornaam:”);

margin-left: 5px;


Hey Timothy,

I opened up
Valo’s demo site
with IE9, and the textfields look OK (prompts, inputs etc).

Do you experience/see any alignment issues if you check the site? If not, try checking if that same behaviour happens with textfields that you do not give an additional style name for.

I managed to get it working by adding following code:

.v-ie8 .textfield, .v-ie9 .textfield{
margin-left: 5px;
height: 32px;

That’s CSS code that only applies when using IE8 or IE9 and I just changed the height of the textfields