Versioning 24.0.5

Hi, is it intentional, that the latest Vaadin 24.0.5 ships with Vaadin Flow 24.0.6 ? It’s a little bit confusion to me.

The platform version can be different from flow, the web components,… Releases · vaadin/platform · GitHub

(I guess it’s because of this fix: chore: Upgrade Spring Boot to 3.0.6 (#16648) (CP: 24.0) by Artur- · Pull Request #16651 · vaadin/flow · GitHub). But probably someone from the maintainer will have a better answer

It’s intentional as far as I know. Only major / minor match. Otherwise you would get way to many fix releases with literally no changes in between because there was just a version bump, which feels tedious and reduces the flexibility between projects. Use the BOM and don’t even try to self-manage all artifacts yourself.