"Version(s) with no license selected." ..

I am getting the attached error when I try to add a Vaadin 8 addon.

The project is built successfully. I followed the instructions - see attached.

What could this be!?

When you upload add-on to Directory, you need to select which open source license you wish to use to distribute your add-on. For example core Vaadin itself is distributed under Apache 2.0, and I use that also with my own add-ons. If you are using some 3rd party libraries in your add-on, that may limit selection of license types you can choose.

Hi @TatuLund

Thank you for your reply. I was able to figure out that the problem that I was encountering was due to the use of a 3rd-party library that limited the license selection type. Also this [grammarly free access]
(https://freeaccount.org/grammarly-premium-account/) guide might be of great help to you to figure out any grammer mistake.