Version numbers for add-ons. Advice ?

Weather was lousy today and I finally took the time to add support for the Vaadin 6.6+ Container.Filterable interface to my JPA 2.0 Criteria API container add-on.

My problem is that I now need three versions of my add-on. One without Filterable (I still have older projects that are still at 6.5.7, one for 6.6 that does not have the Like and Between operators, and one for 6.7 that does. I can handle the branching and building, my issue is related to naming and publishing.

So I’m not sure how to go about this - does anyone have a good example, preferably Maven-friendly, of how to handle something like this ? And of how to publish this to the repository. Should I go to something like and with the last item a hint regarding the Vaadin version ?

Maven expects a qualifier (or build number) separated by a hyphen after the micro version number. You can have anything after that, for example “[tt]
[/tt]”. Here, “[tt]
[/tt]” would be the qualifier.

In the OSGi version number syntax, it would have to be [tt]
[/tt]. Dots are not accepted in the qualifier, but hyphen and underscore are.