Version Compatibility Issue


It is mandatory to use in my project JBOSS 5.1.
Since JBOSS 5.1 does not support JPA 2.1, I need to use JPA 1.0

So, what about JPAContainer?

It says in addon directory:

In case you are still using JPA 1.0 implementation you should use older version of JPAContainer which can be downloaded by selecting 1.2.x version from Version drop-down list. But when I select version 1.2.1, it shows compatibility only with Vaadin 6.6.x

  1. Can I use JPAContainer 1.2.1 in a Vaadin 7.3.3 project? If yes, what would be the drawbacks
  2. OR, Can I use JPAContainer 3.1.1 with JPA 1.0 ? If yes, what would be the drawbacks

Thanks folks!