Version 8.5.1 with SpringBoot

I’m trying to use the version of vaadin 8.5.1 (the latter) in my projects (which use SpringBoot) but it does not work.
My application worked perfectly, but if I update the version in pom, it compiles without errors, but when accessing it always falls in the page “Whitelabel Error Page”.

Strange, as I downloaded other github projects and tried to update and the same problem happens.
An example is the “Bakery-app” project that is in github with version 8.4.1 (very close to which I need), in this when updating to version 8.5.1 the login page appears, but when the login already falls in the “Whitelabel Error Page”. This project is on the link:

Can anyone tell me what happened to change in this version that this problem is happening?

It seems to work with, so I guess there’s something in your project or environment.

It works in version 10, but I need it for version 8 of the framework.

Strange is that it works perfectly on previous updates (the github example is in version 8.4.1).
What happened between version 8.4.1 through 8.5.1?

Something has changed in the framework because the change of github example is only in pom.xml in line 20 (the version), nothing else.

I tested it with 8.5.1 and it works for me and one of my colleagues. Must be something in your own code or environment.

Post your test project here so I can compare. For it is tricky to look for a problem where in a scenario where everything is running, and just changing the version stops running. If I go back to the previous version, everything returns to normal.

I works with the project you referenced and with Only change was 8.4.1 to 8.5.1 in the pom.xml file. Simply, were not able to reproduce your issue.

Try removing the vaadin artifacts from your local Maven repo.

I was able to upgrade to version 8.5.1, the problem was in my local maven repository.
Your help was crucial! thank you

Good to hear! Happy coding!