Version 7.7.x ivy Resolve Error


We use Vaadin 7.6.8 in our project. We want to change the version to 7.7.9 but while resolving ivy, we get an error like:

“unresolved dependency: com.vaadin#vaadin-buildhelpers;7.7.9: not found”

Our ivy.xml looks like:

<dependencies> <dependency conf="war" org="com.vaadin" name="vaadin-server" rev="7.7.9" /> <dependency conf="war" org="com.vaadin" name="vaadin-themes" rev="7.7.9" /> <dependency conf="war" org="com.vaadin" name="vaadin-push" rev="7.7.9" /> <dependency conf="war" org="com.vaadin" name="vaadin-client-compiled" rev="7.7.9" /> </dependencies> Thanks for your help.

I tested this on one of my projects and could not see this happening. Thus I think you should try to do full clean and resolve, and check if it works.

See also this one!/thread/15348187/15366415

Hi Tatu.

Thanks for the reply. I fixed the problem. It was because of the defaultconfmapping attribute. It was written like (I don’t know why):


so i changed it to:


and the problem is solved.