vcf-autocomplete / Autocomplete instead-of Input


In my UI I have a series of Input pairs representing a “key” and “value”. I’d like to be able to replace the key Input with an Autocomplete (Java Component wrapper for vcf-autocomplete) in order to suggest some auto completions to the user.

However the Autocomplete component looks incomplete, it doesn’t implement setValue() (from HasValue) or focus()/blur() (from Focusable) or addClassName() (from HasStyle) etc.

I also tried various mechanisms to change the style of the containing vaadin-input-field (I want to remove the border) but I haven’t been successful either.

Any idea how I could complete the missing functionality or even access the inner input-field / vaadin-input-field from the vcf-autocomplete, or has anyone else implemented an autocomplete popup on TextField/Input ?

Any suggestions appreciated.