Hi tomcat server log is continually getting the following messages

Aug 14 14:08:28 repov3-5 server[703]
: Aug 14, 2017 2:08:28 PM com.vaadin.server.VaadinSession valueUnbound
Aug 14 14:08:28 repov3-5 server[703]
: WARNING: A VaadinSession instance not associated to any service is getting unbound. Session destroy events will not be fired and UIs in the session will not get detached. This might happen if a session is deserialized but never used before it expires.

Seemingly we are ending up with sessions that are not bound to a service. Couldn’t find anything much on google or in this forum for what hopefully isn’t that difficult a problem to track down


Come on folks. Surely someone has some ideas ? :slight_smile:

What happened to it?

Haven’t solved it yet. Been busy

Have you guys found a solution for it?