ValueChangeEvent - origin?


I’m trying to use a table in order to display a list of records in a database table. Some of the columns of the table are editable and data can be saved. I’ve tried a ValueChangeListener by adding it to the field in a DefaultFieldFactory derived class. Unfortunately this event gets fired even when the table gets loaded. My question: how can I tell who instigated the change - was loading data from the container or was it the user editing something?

Br, Georgi

boolean save = false;

Valuechangelistener → if(save) { do sth; save = false; }

this will make the Valuechangelistener to do nothing when the table is being loaded, then u need a way to turn save = true again.

Valuechangelistener can show u when the Value is changed (table loading) or when the user is focusing a field or losing the focus of it. Textchangelistener (if this is possible for the table) is triggered right before a user actually edits the input of a field. I did this things with Table+TextFields, so I dont know if it will work for you with just an editable table. But as long as u can use a Valuechangelistener and a Textchangelistener it should work for u.

I starts my ValueChangeListener with:

if (!((AbstractField) event.getProperty()).isAttached()){ return; } Than the action is not performed until the table is displayed.