Value Change Listener and ComboBox w/ Objects

I am currently using a ComboBox as a drop down of objects that have been loaded using:

            BeanItemContainer<Organization> orgBeans = initOrgBeans();

	final ComboBox orgNames = new ComboBox("Organizations", orgBeans);

I only want to see the name value for each object but still have each object contained in the ComboBox. I use other fields within the objects to populate other components when it is selected in the ComboBox. The value change listener works great with this…however, when I change the name field in the ComboBox I cannot get the value change listener to pick it up. Once I leave the focus of the ComboBox the text is returned to its original state.

I want to be able to change the name field in the ComboBox and also be able add new names and create a new objects with them and add it to the ComboBox. If I cant get this to work I see two easy options…

  1. add another text field for names to be edited and created in or
  2. change the ComboBox to strings and load just the names of the objects into it and do string comparisons to find the object

#2 breaks down when I have to attach this to the server and the PK is based on a guid

if you need it here is my current value change event:

	orgNames.addValueChangeListener(new ComboBox.ValueChangeListener() {
		public void valueChange(ValueChangeEvent event) {

(my code is here)