Valo, want to change subWindow background colour, am only partially success

.v-window-review,.v-window-maximizebox-review, .v-window-restorebox-review, .v-window-closebox-review {
background-color: #6D6D6D;

When I set style on subWindow to “review” it changes the window background colour, but doesn’t do it for the close/restore/maximize boxes

I note that they don’t have review class on them, They rather stick out. I just want them to take on the same colour/style as the subWindow itself.

Any ideas?


Hi Dino, sorry for taking so long to get an answer.

So you need just one window to look different, not all window instances? The Sass API for window is a little lacking at this point, and doens’t really let you do that easily. So we’re left with regular CSS instead, as you’ve tried already.

This should work:

.v-window-review {
  background-color: #6D6D6D;

  .v-window-restorebox {
    background-color: #6D6D6D;

Brilliant. that’s exactly what I want. Now I can have different colours for my Windows

Would be kind of nice to have it programatic one day, so could do it dynamically.

But this is fine for my current needs. My UI has several floating windows and being the same colour made it a tad confusing.

Thanks again.