Valo - Remove blue border of selected/focused elements

Hi folks. The valo theme sets a blue border on some selected/focused elements, as textfields, etc.
I need to disable this behavior on some cases. Is it possible?

Attached, there are some screens of when this behavior is undesired.
On top, a borderless textfield, that when focused, draws this border and mess with the layout.
On the other attachment, its a Tree, that is not selectable, but when the user clicks on a Item, it becomes rounded by this blue border.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Hey Eduardo,

If you want a borderless text field style, you can call setStyleName(ValoTheme.TEXTFIELD_BORDERLESS).

Default TextFields in Valo changes the border-color on focus whilst also displaying a box-shadow, but that really shouldn’t affect the layouts in which they resides. You can try box-shadow: none; if that fixes your particular problem.

With regards to the table, try setting outline: none.

EDIT: These styles should be applied to .v-textfield:focus (or .v-textfield-focus) and .v-treetable:focus.

Tnanks Joacim. I will try that on the tree!