Valo location question

After some first experiences with Vaadin I’m now trying to understand the theming stuff (so you can call me a beginner on that subject …)

I’m using Vaadin 7.5.4 with Eclipse in debug mode. According to chapter 8.1 in the “Book of Vaadin” I should find in the Folder WebContent/VAADIN/themes a “valo” folder and a “mytheme” folder. But when looking into the directory structure, the valo folder is missing and only the “mytheme” folder exists (of course with my project name).
The mytheme/mytheme.scss file contains the line “@import “…/valo/valo.scss”;”, which apparently directs to a non existing file.
According to chapter 8.2 of the book the element of the related HTML page contains a element directing to the related style sheet. But when looking into the header of the HTML page of my VAADIN application, I only see the following two elements:

So no link to a stylesheet …
So my question is: Are these observations normal, or am I doing anything wrong?

Hello Mr. Developer,

You’re not doing anything wrong. The _valo.scss file is located in vaadin-themes-.jar.

In Eclipse, you should be able to see it via Package Explorer > Your Project > ivy.xml (default), or Project Explorer > Project > Java Resources > Libraries > ivy.xml (default).