Valo loading/busy/refresh icon

I’m a bit frustrated with an icon that appears on the screen.

The application I have as a login screen. After logging in, the screen is white, a busy spinner-type icon is in the middle of the screen, then a refresh icon briefly passes for a split of a second north-east of the screen in a small arc. After this happens, the screen continues to the main page like its suppose to.

Because this happens so fast, I can’t right click on the arcing refresh icon to inspect it for removal or hiding. I tried hiding and setting empty contents for the following.


None of these seem to be related to the animation. What else could it be? Suggestions?

Edit: Actually, I took off valo and the issue still occurs. This is related to a component that Vaadin generates when transitioning or a delay is caused between screen. Still, it’s a problem.

I have just started evaluating touchkit and ran into the same problem.
A little spinning status indicator appears in the top right corner of the screen and never disappears.

Some more Infos:

I could reproduce the issue, using spring boot vaadin with vaadin 7.6.6 and touchkit 4.1.
But the issue also appears with spring boot vaadin, vadin 7.3 and touchkit 4.0.

To isolate the issue I tried a touchkit maven quickstart that does not use spring boot.
There I could not reproduce the issue. The status indicator disappears after a short period of time.

I can also say that I have this issue only on my android device. Chrome does not have this issue.
I don’t know if it is an Android issue.

I also found a commit whichs purpose should be to prevent this or a similar issue:

@JR Can you confirm my observations?


I’m not sure if that commit supposively addresses my issue I’m having. That issue seems could mean it just keeps on spinning and does not allow the user to progress or it could mean exactly what I’m dealing with. I have no idea.

For clarification of what I’m experiencing, my issues occurs for ALL web browsers I’m using (Firefox, Chrome, IE) and on Android. The Refresh icon passes on the right side of the screen like a very odd shooting star. Instead of the spinner doing a spinning animation, it just “arcs” on the right of the screen. The application looks very unprofessional and I really need to get rid of it somehow.

I would like to capture the code performing the operation but I have no idea how to intercept this logic to determine what style on the page should be hidden.

Very frustrating.

Here’s a video of just the arc portion on the screen. I couldn’t do a regular screen capture. Very frustrating. The video is right before I log into my application. After the end of the video the application main UI interface is shown.

I figured it out. Even though I have selected the right styles that needed to be updated, I had other UI objects that were not configured for the theme. In other words, my RedirectUI and InitUI has no Theme defined so during the transition screen, the default styles of Vaddin were used.