Valo & Internet Explorer 8 Issues

Jouni, the theme look fairly good in IE8, however there seems to be a number of things not working correctly.
I only mention this because Vaadin is said to support IE8.

When you resize your browser, you get inner scrollbars on some elements.
The main content is usually cut off when browser is resized.
Menu button, when it appears, does not do anything when clicked.
Sidebar labels are getting cut off.

Not sure if known, or issues already created for it.


Thanks for pointing those out. I did realize the menu is not hiding in IE8 for narrow viewport sizes quite resently. Didn’t realize Bourbon transform mixin didn’t do anything for IE8, a major oversight on my part. The responsive behavior of the menu was done very late in the development of Valo, and I basically forgot to test that part properly with IE8.

The other two issues are new to me, so thanks.

Oh, btw, it would be really helpful if you took the time and formulated these into proper
tickets in our issue tracker
! That way we can get those suckers under work faster.

Hi, could anyone please confirm that disabled button with ValoTheme.BUTTON_QUIET seems to be invisible on IE8? When the button is not disabled it seems ok.

I doubt that any user would be running IE8 on their mobile devices…

It is not that they would run on their mobile device, but since it is responsive in design, if the user resizes their browser, they will get that layout.