Valo apparent incompatibility with Touchkit

Hi there,

I am trying to launch an application with some startup screens where a UIProvider drives the user according to the requesting browser. So far so good. The point is that when using Valo as Theme, somehow Touchkit might be causing a malfunction, for all the buttons are displayed without captions and table headers get their font-color set to white. Captions are there but must manually modify css display values for them to appear at the right position. When I include the touchkit 4.0.2 dependency the theme gets spoiled. As soon as I remove it, everythings gets back in place.

I am quite a newbie with Vaadin 7 and scss styling. If possible I would like to avoid modifying themes at this stage. But will have to if I have no other solution. After examining the themes folders I appreciate no changes at all, so I presume touchkit must include some style variations in their component design. I haven’t started to analyze the client components to look for changes. If I try another theme like Runo, it works fine.

Can anybody provide an explanation? Is there an easy fix? Or must I review the screen elements and adjust the css styling manually?

Many thanks in advance for your time.




TouchKit hasn’t been designed to work with Valo (or technically the other way around). TouchKit uses GWT theme techniques to minimise the theme size and embed it into the JS file generated by GWT compiler and most likely has lots of conflicts with Valo. If you wish to use Valo with TouchKit the GWT theme loading should somehow be disabled and quite a lot of the TouchKit them should be re-created into your Valo based custom theme.


Thanks for the reply.

Guess worthier to approach by adapting a compatible theme so taht it resembles more Valo.

Many thanks.