Validation in CustomField

Hi all,

in my project I have to implement a form with a 1:n relationship to another bean. So I created a customfield with an editable table as the main component. After filling in some values users hit submit button, single cell values are validated and written to the model. To change the values users can pick the relevant entry from another table to open it in the form and change values. To provide data to the table I use a BeanItemContainer.

Unfortunatly Validation is a bit more complicated because I have to check whether user changed at least one value in the table. If user does not change any entry I want to show an error message. Until here everything works fine except one thing. Cell validation passes successfully so values are committed to the model and if my custom validator notices that there is an error, values can´t be discarded. That means model values are updated although there is a validation error.

Does anybody knows a solution for that szenario.? Any help is appreciated

Thanks and Regards