vaddin + spring porlet in liferay


I am developing a vaadin portlet application still in POC and need to deploy in liferay.
App works great when deployed as application, but when i deploy it in liferay as portlet
i do get message specifying 1 portlet from your application is available, but i don’t see it available in liferay portlet page list.

Can any one help me with this, or can provide a working example of vaadin + spring deployed in Liferay.


My guess is that you have forgot to add the portlet to liferay-display.xml or liferay-portlet.xml

Hi…are you able to inject dependencies using Spring into your Vaadin portlet ?? I am facing issues with it. Please let me know.

I’ve got the same problem:

How to integrate Spring 3 in Vaadin portlet for liferay?

I’ve been using dellroad spring-stuff add-on but it seems not to work in Liferay. It used to work very well in servlet Vaddin webapp.

Is there any recommended way of integration Spring into Vaadin portlet?