Vaddin 7 preferred polling mechanism

In Vaadin 7+ what is the preferred way to periodically poll server for update information? (e.g. table updates, alerts for current user from server)

Is it Refresher add-on?

Vaadin 7.1 will introduce built in polling mechanism. Prior to that, Refresher add-on has been defacto for that.

Thanks for the quick response Johannes.

Once it is built-in to Vaadin do you envision pulling the Refresher add-on and refactoring to use the new mechanism?

If you have old code using Refresher and then update to 7.1. I guess it’s up to you evaluate do you want to refactor the code to use the new mechanism to get rid of a dependency or do you continue to use Refresher. I haven’t looked into the technical details how polling is implemented in 7.1 to say do you actually gain anything else compared to Refresher than the nice feeling knowing you use something that the Vaadin core team maintains.

How to replace Refresher Addon with Vaadin 7.1.

Is there any other Vaadin 7.1 addon or new property on UI class or we must maintain extra thread and send data with push?

The Tutorial for Polling in Vaadin 7.1.0. is not done yet so finding information about it might not be easy.

Basically you use normal java threading and this line UI.setPollingIntverval(1000);//sets Polling Interval to one second …to activate Polling for your UI.

Here is the ticket for the tutorial:


This isn’t the same as Refresher. Refresher has a listener so that I can actually update the content with the lastest data when the poll happens, rather than crunching data whenever something changes even though it may change again before the user sees it.

How do I updated upon a poll?
How does this interact with the heartbeat system, which allows sessions to actually time out?

How does the refresher works? which function will it call?
I want to detect the firefox explorer close event based on this mecanisme, will it work?
Thank you.