VaadinTunesLayout Sample

I get your sample application called “VaadinTunesLayout” and his theme.
But when I ran the application I didn’t get the same view as
I have just made a simple copy/paste of the and copy the right theme to VAADIN\themes\vaadintunes.

The application is embedded in the half height of the browser!!

Do you have some idea about what’s wrong with it?

Many thanks again

Try setSizeFull() to the layout in the main window. Also you might want to setMargin(false).

Hi again,

Many thanks and I used a old VaadinTunesLayout…from this link
with a lot of deprecated functions!

I copy and paste this source code linked:
And it works!!

Your solution is worked too…Many thanks for your quick answer, dear Joonas Lehtinen!

So now I will think before send stupids questions! :wink:

Best regards!