VaadinIcons missing an icon for save action and sorting options

We have been using some VaadinIcons and consider moving to the Vaadin Iconset because during the Vaadin 8 beta it might be faster than to rely on the Addon to use FontAwesome comfortably again. The decision to move this out of the core package and allow the user to decide which Iconset to use is a good one.

So far we are just missing a few icons that are important for us:

And just to be more complete on the sorting options …

Since it is not clear where the decision with Vaadin 8 and the VaadinIcons will lead I am just suggesting what we are currently missing to completely use the VaadinIcons.

Any updates on this, specially for Vaadin 14? There is still no Save icon… I know it is difficult to cover all scenarios, but would be good to have alternate icon libraries like glyphicon or fontawesome, with some kinda wrapper (something like VaadinIcon.fontawesome("save").create() to have a consistent code pattern and simple abstraction to underlying libraries) to use in all components like Button, Span, etc.