vaading, maven2 and google maps

hey all, I just started with vaadin and had some troubles until maven2 played nicely with vaadin - i documented how to create a simple project using an add-on,-Maven2-and-Widgets.html

hope this help other newbies!

EDit: I have one
open issue:
why does a “mvn jetty:run” always recompile the whole project (also gwt widgets get recompiled)


bump! I still have serious problems using vaading with maven, I hope someone can help me!

each time i updated my code, the whole gwt stuff get recompiled, and this take a loooong time. what do I wrong? I run jetty with “mvn jetty:run”. I tried to manually compile the gwt stuff (mvn gwt:clean gwt:compile) and update vaading widgets (mvn vaadin:update-widgetset) - but this didn’t resolve the problem!

To use vaadings add-ons I paste the gwt.xml files into my gwt folder which is referenced in the web.xml (for example to use the google map plugin i add GoogleMaps.xml.gwt and GooglemapwidgetWidgetset.gwt.xml to my gwt directory). Is this right? and why those xml files gets modified each time i compile something?

for example my GooleMaps.gwt.xml looks like this after a while:

    <inherits name=''/>
    <inherits name=''/>
    <inherits name=''/>

    <inherits name="org.vaadin.hezamu.googlemapwidget.widgetset.GooglemapwidgetWidgetset" />

    <inherits name="com.neophob.gwt.GooglemapwidgetWidgetset" />

    <inherits name="com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.DefaultWidgetSet" />

    <inherits name="com.neophob.gwt.AjaxLoader" />

    <inherits name="org.vaadin.vaadinvisualizations.widgetset.VaadinvisualizationApplicationWidgetset" />

    <inherits name="com.neophob.gwt.Visualization" />

    <inherits name="com.neophob.gwt.AjaxLoader" />

    <inherits name="com.neophob.gwt.VaadinvisualizationApplicationWidgetset" />

    <inherits name="com.neophob.gwt.ColorPickerWidgetSet" />

    <inherits name="com.neophob.gwt.Visualization" />

    <inherits name="com.neophob.gwt.AjaxLoader" />

    <inherits name="com.neophob.gwt.Visualization" />

    <inherits name="com.neophob.gwt.AjaxLoader" />

looks pretty buggy to me…

Btw i’m using vaadin-maven-plugin v1.0.0 and gwt-maven-plugin v1.3-SNAPSHOT


Hi, i have worked with jetty in combination with Vaadin.

Did you tried to add ?applicationRestart to the URL in your browser?

You should typically only have one widgetset (*Widgetset.gwt.xml file) in your project, and it should point to all the GWT modules needed by the application. There should not be any need to copy GWT module definitions out of their JARs, and copying them to a different directory might lead to the GWT compiler not finding the contents of the modules.

Your web.xml should then point to your widgetset only.

All the other GWT modules are automatically found from JARs on the classpath at compilation time.

Once this is resolved, one could check if the widgetset is compiled unnecessarily for changes that should not affect it.

If the same module gets referenced more than once in the widgetset, there is a bug in the WidgetSetBuilder utility class (used by the Maven goal update-widgetset). Based on a quick look, it seems that the class makes sure there are no duplicate references to modules with “widgetset” in their names, but might create duplicates for other modules.

ticket #5026
for this issue.

Fixed the ticket so that new duplicate references should not be created for any GWT module.
However, old duplicates will not be removed automatically.

The fix will be in the next nightly build of the 6.4 branch.