Vaadin8 HtmlImports Weird Problem

Hi ,

I am trying to use Vaadin 8 's “Html Import” feature

i followed instructions here :
What’s New In Vaadin 8

you can check it at 10th feature.

i am also sure that i installed both polymer-cli and bower.As GameCard creator mantioned at his own github.

But when run the application “the cards” are loading but not the way as it should.Mines have no flipping animation and kind a looks bad.


If you’re getting the cards there at all, that sounds like the HTML imports are working, at least to a degree. Which browser are you using? Do you have any styles that could be affecting this?



Hi Olli ,

i tested on Opera & Chrome both result are same.
If you mean custom themes by “styles” no i am just using default valo.

And thanks to Chrome’s inspect ability i managed to figure out the error , added a screenshot of it.

may be you can figure out what cousing this.

Kind Regards

Hmm, that looks like a bug in the GameCard component itself :frowning:

Need to take a closer look at it later.

oh ok :slight_smile:
i am eager to see it works … looking forward for updates



Hi Olli ,

i asked this question on
And it was almost resolved my problem. now cards look ok but the animation does not work.

Now i try to solve that out. i will post updates here also.