Vaadin8 FieldFactory?

I’m looking for the good-old FieldFactory from Vaadin7, which seems not to have survived…
In V7 I could build all my Fields in the factory, where I read and apply the field metadata (which I read from an external config file) like datatype, caption, description, max length and so on. Up till now I did not find a place for that in V8.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Hi guys,
any ideas on that?
It seems like one cannot intercept in Binder.bindInstanceFields() because of a lot of private methods? And I can’t find another place where to apply the field metadata.
That’d be a pity, because a lot of boilerplate code could be removed (at least in my case…).

Your finding is correct FieldGroupFieldFactory is one of those few Vaadin 7 items that do not have analogy in Vaadin 8. That may be hindrance in migration of specific Vaadin 7 applications that rely heavily on it. There are couple of alternatives. One obvious one is to stick to FieldGroupFieldFactory via compatibility classes and not to fully migrate the legacy parts using it. Another alternative is to rewrite the part that used FieldGroupFieldFactory in some other way, so that it is not needed. It may mean some boiler plate, writing custom class replacing it, etc.

Hi Tatu,
thanks for your reply. Can’t we just add a protected method in Binder which creates the field and knows about the propertyId (or better the bound memberfield)? One could then easily hook in and apply all the necessary configurations. Would be great…