Vaadin8 ComboBox input text disappears after clicking around


I am currently migrating from com.vaadin.v7.ui.ComboBox to com.vaadin.ui.ComboBox Previously I used the ComboBox for providing a way to manage “form templates” (by loading a form template a user would be able to store all values entered into the formular for later re-use).

I used the com.vaadin.v7.ui.ComboBox because it allowed me to enter any name for saving and also selecting known names from the drop down list. The idea was not to add the freshly typed name into the ComboBox item-list, because that would make no sense. Instead the name would be only added when the user saves the template explicitly.

I want to be able to enter the word (“abcd”), then click around and finally click the “save”-Button. Only then “abcd” would appear in the drop down list. The whole time however, it would remain to be shown as a pure string in the combobox.

I had no problem with this in v7. Now with vaadin8 I can’t find a way to achieve the same result, because the entered text disappears when I click away. How can be the same achieved in v8?