im trying to get vaadin7 running with liferay but not with a great succes. I have liferay 6.2CE running standard boundle tomcat. I removed the global vaadin6 and hopefully copied correctly per other posts/wiki the vaadin7 files except for one thing that vaadin-shared-deps.jar does not seam to exist or at least not in the described place?

anyway I can deploy a hello word portlet and even a small SMS sender module I once wrote for vaadin6 (my god I can foresee to have to rewrite all my vaadin apps I see from this small excerise :frowning: )

but its … sort of not really running to good. I simply drop the portlet to the first page. Not counting problems with “From” and servercommunication - just looking at the helloworld portlet from the page loads to the porlet shows its content there is something like 19-20sec delay. Every time. Press reload page again 20 sec from the page shows until the vaadin portlet shows.
My sms portlet uses a form and some event listeneres to see if the number entered has been used before and stuff. The textfield does not have the correct hight to show whats entered and problems like this.

soooo im thinking - whats wrong here? The vaadin control panel portlet is installed. It reports vaadin 7.3.7 installed. No addons yet - its loading OK - dont know if its actually using vaadin it self…

I can add that I have the tori forum running and its performing OK and loading ok. Maybe/propably its self contained?

also why, since I have a global install, do I still need to have the vaadin jar files in the porlets LIB folder for it to work. What have I mixed/done wrong here I dont get…

This is my full class :slight_smile: - and its loading and working, just… very very slow and the fonts are small/different from the rest of liferay.

public class SMSSenderUI extends UI {
Form form;

protected void init(VaadinRequest request) {
    VerticalLayout view = new VerticalLayout();
    view.addComponent(new Label("Hello world !!"));



Since we updated to Vaadin 7.3.7, our Vaadin portlet is very slow (taking 20 seconds to do anything). Maybe your problem is related. I opened a ticket a couple of hours ago :

super, hopefully it will be fixed then - almost hope its a bug. I spend dont know how long since I was sure I just installed somehting wrong. I will try 7.3.6 and see if I also get OK performance from that release as I see you wrote.

I found time to reinstall liferay and vaadin - this time vaadin 7.3.6 so the prev. version as suggested here

this works - my helloworld portlet now loads and displays the label sort of at once. Not in the same front as the rest of the standard liferay theme but anyway :slight_smile:

I too faced very slow performance after migrating to Vaadin 7.3.7. But in 7.3.6 performance is ok…

The ticket has been resolved by the Vaadin team. Version 7.3.8 is out now and should fix the problem.