Vaadin7 expand ratio problem

I’m having a problem with vaadin7 with layouts.
Bascially I have a vertical layout with 4 panels.Each panel has a vertical layout as content.
On every panel I can add 1 or more components.Problem is the panels instead of expanding in size, remain equal, and looking at css i can see the v-slot having a height of 25% ( meaning they are all distributed equally, 100% / 4)
I don’t want that, I want to disable the ratio, and have them take only the space they need(all the layouts start with a button inside)
How can I do that?

Sounds like your vertical layout is 100% high. Make it auto/undefined high (setHeight(null)). Also, make your panels height auto/undefined.

Oh god, you were absolutely right.
I was careful on setting heights on panels and contents correctly, and I’ve missed that my main layout had setSizeFull().
Thank you