vaadin7 by 7 jars


currently vaadin is shipped by 7 jars. Vaadin 6 was shipping by one big jar.

Will this way of providing vaadin (7 jars) be kept for vaadin 7? Or may it be changed back to the old way?

Currently i am migrating the vaadin OSGi addon from chris brind to vaadin 7 and the way how to access static resources heavily depends on the count of bundles.
I have to handle that in the implementation. So if the client and the server bundle will hold static resource, i have to register them internally.


Best Florian

I’m quite sure that it will stay like this, but I wouldn’t guarantee.

It will be multiple jars.

vaadin-server contains /VAADIN/vaadinBootstrap.js, which is always needed
vaadin-themes contains /VAADIN/themes which is in practice always needed
vaadin-client-compiled contains /VAADIN/widgetsets/com.vaadin.DefaultWidgetSet, the precompiled default widget set, which is needed if you do not use your own widget set (i.e. use addons)

The other files should not contain static resources unless I forgot something.

Thank, then i have implemented the OSGi resource access properly. (Mostly → I have forgotten the themes → Thanks)

Since OSGi does not use a classpath like standard java does, the bundle itself must be used to access the resources.

Best, Florian