Vaadin10 x Spring - @RequestMapping doesn't work

The first time I put the @RequestMapping("/login") I used it with the value “login”
Then I wanted to change the address @RequestMapping("/something") but still point to “login”
And the application does not let me go even to my other View

public class LoginView extends VerticalLayout {

	private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

	private Label title = new Label("Login into our application - \"Seguimiento Medico\"");
	private Button btnRegister = new Button("Register");
	private TextField txtUser = new TextField("", "User");
	private PasswordField txtPwd = new PasswordField("","Password");
	private Button btnLogin = new Button("Login");
	private RadioButtonGroup<String> group = new RadioButtonGroup<>();
	public LoginView(@Autowired ExampleTemplate template) {
		group.setItems("Doctor", "Patient");
		btnLogin.addClickListener(event -> {
			String type = group.getValue();
			String email = txtUser.getValue();
			String password = txtPwd.getValue();
			if(group.getValue().equals("Doctor")) {
			}else if(group.getValue().equals("Patient")) {
		add(title, txtUser, txtPwd, group, btnLogin,btnRegister);


Could not navigate to ‘something’
Reason: Couldn’t find route for ‘something’
Available routes:
This detailed message is only shown when running in development mode.

try @Route(value=“something”)

Without value specified in the Route annotation, it reverts to “login” because your class name is LoginView. It uses the class name to derive it.